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With its large mouth, it is a big predator of other fish

The large-mouthed black bass is native to North America and was introduced to Europe at the end of the 19th century. A fighting fish, it is highly appreciated by sports fishermen. And as its name suggests, its big mouth makes it one of the most predatory fish, eating other fish, frogs and shellfish. Contrary to other cold-water fish which do not protect their offspring, the male black bass guards and airs the eggs for about thirty days.

  • Taille moyenne

    Taille moyenne

    40 cm

  • Poids moyen

    Poids moyen

    4 kg

  • Statut IUCN

    Statut IUCN

    Préoccupation mineure (LC)

  • Ecosystème

    Eaux douces froides