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The same skeleton as sharks

From the Acipenseridae family, sturgeon are characterised by a mainly cartilaginous skeleton, like sharks. They have rows of bony plates (scutes) instead of scales. Their ventral protractile mouth is preceded by 4 barbs which gives them a burrowing action. There are 24 varieties of sturgeons. They are all protected in annex II of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. They are threatened by bad water quality, late reproduction and the exploitation of their eggs: caviar.

  • Taille moyenne

    Taille moyenne

    entre 1m50 et 2m30 selon les espèces

  • Poids moyen

    Poids moyen

    entre 20 kg et 500 kg selon les espèces

  • Statut IUCN

    Statut IUCN

    Variable selon les espèces

  • Ecosystème

    Eaux douces froides