Biodiversity - Conservation

The Grand Aquarium de Touraine is concerned about biodiversity and conservation. Discover the conventions for the sustainability of animal species.

To continue presenting living wildlife to the public, France has established “the capacity certificate” (certificat de capacité) to regulate animal exhibitions. Each establishment must have a qualified “capable” person (capacitaire) who is accredited by the prefecture and Ministry for the Environment.

The Grand Aquarium de Touraine exhibits hundreds of aquatic animal species. Some of our species are threatened.

The following three structures are important for understanding more about the level of threats to species and actions taken for animal protection.

The Washington Convention (CITES)

CITES is an international trade treaty, validated in 1975. It has 175 country members.

This convention concerns wild flora and fauna threatened with extinction. It regulates trade of species to ensure their survival. It concerns living animal and plants, but also by-products such as shells, wood, fur, skeletons etc.

The species are classified in three annexes according to their threat level to indicate to what degree they can be exploited and traded.

Annex I: species threatened with extinction Trading these species is totally prohibited except for scientific research or population management, and subject to approval.

Annex II: species for which conservation conditions or over-exploitation may threaten their survival. These species can be traded but with a tracking reference number and faultless traceability.

Annex III: species which member countries wish trade to be be regulated. This is like a waiting list, prior to moving to annex I or II, or with any luck, to be removed from the convention.


The International Union for the Conservation of Nature The IUCN was founded in 1948.

It is an international NGO which groups scientists and fauna and flora enthusiasts.

They publish a Red List to inform, encourage, assist and influence countries for the conservation of animal and plant species This list is regularly updated and can be consulted on internet website. It is a list of all the endangered species in the world. The degree of danger is established according to observations and scientific data collected over a long period of time.

The following diagram shows the levels used to classify species in the Red List:

The Bonn Convention (CMS)

This convention is for the conservation of migratory species of wild animals, established in 1983.

It is divided into two annexes:

Annex I: the list of species threatened with extinction Any “taking” of these species is prohibited.

Annex II: conservations measures are insufficient. Measures must taken to re-establish the populations of these species.

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