Toussaint holidays animations

Our appointments to not missed :

Toussaint holidays animations

Investigate with us !

During Toussaint holidays, from the 19th of October to the 3rd of November 2019, join us everyday from 10.30am to 18.00pm !

Discover the wealth of the globe from Loire wather to high seas : 10 thematic universes, 70 aquariums and more than 2 millions wather liters !

Programm :

Each day, at 11.15am, Carpes Koï feeding at the tactile pool. Accompanied by our keepers, participate in the feeding with them ! A sympathetic moment on contact with our animals !

At 11.45am and 3.30pm, immerse yourself for a unique experience : step through the aquarium glass and discover our keeper's tasks ! The Labo experience is waiting you !

Le Labo : Additionnal price of 3,50€ on your entrance ticket. You can book our ticket on our website item "tickets" or directly at the welcome desk.

At 3.00pm, everyday, assist to our species or aquatic area commented feeding :

MONDAY : Wels catfishes
TUESDAY : Sharks
THURSDAY : Cold Water Tunnel
FRIDAY : Trouts and Salmons
SUNDAY : Caimans

On thursday 31th of October, on friday the 1st and on saturday the 2nd of November, come and solde the investigation "le Mystère des Abysses"* : 3 scaries evenings from 8.00pm to midnight !

*Only in French

Adult (from 14 years old and more) on reservation : 18€
Adult (from 14 years old and more) without reservation : 19,90€
Children (less than 14 years old) : 16€

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Le Grand Aquarium de Touraine, a real invitation to travel !

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